Asia Cafe 亚洲美食

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11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Monday - Sunday

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  There are two ways to experience an authentic Chinese restaurant. One is to hop on an airplane and fly to China, the other is to go to ASIA CAFE at Austin, Texas. At ASIA CAFE you will not find just Chinese cooking, but rather gourmet Chinese cooking. Families of all sizes as well as couples in the Austin area know they are getting the absolute best value and best cuisine in the ASIA CAFE Chinese Restaurant. If you like the real Chinese Food, try ASIA CAFE once and you'll be back again and again.  


        ASIA CAFE proudly introduce the new dishes to satisfy your taste buds!


#692 Fan Tail Shrimp & Fish Fillet w/Wild Pepper in Spicy Sauce 开门红

#783 Diced Twice Cooked Pork in Black Bean Sauce w/Steamed Bread 荷叶渣渣回锅肉

#222 Warm Rice Jelly(Spicy) 川北热凉粉

#232 Drunken Chicken(Cold) 醉鸡(凉菜)

#571 Beef Udon Noodle Soup 牛肉乌冬汤面

#572 Seafood Udon Noodle Soup 海鲜乌冬汤面

#648 Shrimp in XO Sauce  XO酱虾仁

#683 House Fish Filledt w/Tofu Jelly 豆花鱼片

#712 Jade Chicken (w/Asparagus,String Bean, Broccoli,Snow Pea) 翡翠鸡

#713 Chicken in XO Sauce XO酱鸡丝

#751 Teppan Black Pepper Beef  铁板黑椒牛

#752 House Dry Wok Beef   干锅牛

#792  Beef Omasa w/Pork Blood 毛血旺



Be Adventurous and try our newly added items!





Please order,pay and pick up the food at the cashier counter. Help yourself with free hot tea,iced water and utensils. Tip free! Thank you!


Location: 8650 Spiccwood Springs Rd #114A, Austin   TX  78759

Phone: 512 331 5788

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